Gingerbread Homes is a small, artisan bakery in Cleveland, Ohio. We sell gingerbread houses, participate in decorating competitions, and provide activities for local holiday events.

We'd love to help you create a new holiday tradition or give you one less thing to bake during such a busy time. Our gingerbread houses come as a blank slate so you are able to express your creativity. Decorating gingerbread is a great hands-on activity that's enjoyable for all ages.

For decades, Jon Thibo has been making gingerbread creations. It started in his mother's kitchen as a holiday family tradition. Jon continued the tradition with his own family and eventually began selling his gingerbread houses in hope that the pastime finds its way into your family festivities.


w/ icing & base






w/o icing






w/ icing








Purchase a bag of dough (10 cups) for $15.00 to design and bake your own creations! One batch can Make up to 5 medium houses or 2-3 large houses.


Extra icing can be purchased for $1.00 per cup of icing powder. Directions are included and you only need to add water. You are only limited by your imagination!


Jon has been perfecting his vegan dough and vegan icing recipes so inquire about those if you are interested. Curious about any of our ingredients? Just ask!



Pieces of any houses (S-XL) may be purchased unassembled and with icing and a base. Add a garage, addition, pool house, or barn to your house or come up with an entirely new creation.




Fears' Confections

Fears' is a local chocolate candy and brownie shop. All of their creations are so delicious! You can buy our products at their store in Lakewood at 15208 Madison Ave after Halloween and taste some of their goodies while you're at it.

Urban Bulk Foods

Jen and Dennis sell their bulk foods at 15226 Madison Ave. in Lakewood. They will be selling our gingerbread homes this season. Go check them out!

The Gathering Place


"The Gathering Place offers a wide variety of free programs and services that address the emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs of those touched by cancer."

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